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The Fuzzless Peach

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 by Jenny Watts

Though nectarines are sometimes thought to be a cross between a peach and a plum, they are actually just fuzzless peaches. This is due to a genetic mutation in a tree that would otherwise produces what we call peaches. The same mutation responsible for the smooth skin is also responsible for the spicier taste and slightly smaller size of nectarines.

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An Old Fashioned Shrub for Early Spring Color

Thursday, March 1st, 2007 by Jenny Watts

Spring is on its way – there’s a bit of softness in the air, a tease of sunshine in the mornings and, here and there, the beginning of spring’s colorful show of flowers. Flowering Quince, Chaenomeles speciosa, is one of the first to greet us with a burst of color. In Willits, this unassuming shrub blooms delightfully anytime from February through March with waxy flowers in shades of red-orange, rose, pink or white.

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