Garden Ornaments

    • Check your nursery for stocking stuffers: kids’ gloves, watering cans, bonsai figurines, seeds and bulbs.
    • Many fine varieties of flowering dogwoods, tulip magnolias, Japanese maples and other specimen plants are now available at nurseries for winter planting.
    • Spray for peach leaf curl with copper sulfate. Peach and nectarine trees may suffer from this fungus disease without a protective spray.
    • Water living Christmas trees frequently while they are indoors, and put them outside after a week or ten days.
    • Fruit trees can be planted now from containers while the soil is easy to dig.

Garden Ornaments

Decorative ornaments serve to personalize the garden, making it more than an attractive arrangement of trees and shrubs. Garden ornaments can be almost anything, from home-made sculptures of endless variety to sundials, wind chimes, statuary, fountains and gazing globes.

The gazing globe, one of the most romantic of garden ornaments, is a stylish accent in the garden. Also called a reflecting orb, they date back to at least the 16th century. They regained popularity early in this century and are now back again.

These colorful balls, 4 to 12 inches in diameter, are made from hand-blown glass or stainless steel, and look like giant Christmas ornaments. The glass globes are silvered on the inside to create a mirror which reflects nature. “Glow in the Dark” globes are especially popular. Luminescent crystals emit a soothing green glow for hours after dusk!

Gazing globes are set on pedestals and used on lawns, in flower beds and woodlands, and around garden pools. The globes reflect back your garden flowers, the sky and trees. They provide color, shape and interest in your garden. Gazing balls are made of blown glass and can be fragile during storms and freezing weather.

Garden statuary covers the whole range from animals and dwarfs to Oriental, classical and religious figures, large and small. They can serve as focal points or rest quietly among the plants to be discovered by keen observers.

Birdbaths and fountains also come in a wide variety of styles. To attract birds, they should be placed near large shrubs where the feathered fellows will feel safer with a nearby bush to dive into. Fountains and waterfalls can be the centerpiece of an area, with the sound of running water creating a relaxing atmosphere. Most fountains simply recirculate the water so you only need to fill them up when water evaporates.

All concrete basins should be covered with plastic in the winter here so that they do not hold water. When water freezes, it may cause the concrete to crack and leak.

Even bird feeders can make nice garden ornaments. Some feeders are decorative and cute while others are strictly functional. But the birds that come to them will add their lively decor to the yard as they flit about in the garden.

Garden stakes are increasingly popular. From dragonflies to suns and moons, these small ornaments add charm and interest to potted plants or garden beds. Some of them even glow in the dark.

Wind chimes tinkle in the morning breeze and bring music into the garden. They can make your garden a place of peace and calm to relax and meditate on the beauty all around. Some wind chimes are tuned to musical chords and you can listen to them and choose the sound that appeals most to you.

Garden ornaments will extend your living area into the outdoors adding color, character and your personal touch to your home decor.

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