New Rose Lineup

    • Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce and other cool season crops should be planted this month for delicious spring harvests.
    • Plant potatoes! St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional day to plant potatoes, so the season is upon us now.
    • Peach and plum trees are still available as bare-root trees, but only for a short while longer. Start your orchard now!
    • Asparagus will provide you with delicious, low-priced spears for years to come if you plant them now from dormant crowns.
    • Plant sweet peas for bouquets of delightful, fragrant flowers.

New Rose Lineup

Each spring brings bright new rose varieties for the rose enthusiasts to add to the garden. This year there are some real beauties to tempt you with their colors and fragrances.

‘Coretta Scott King’™ is a graceful beauty named to honor author, activist and human rights leader, the late Mrs. Coretta Scott King. Her long, pointed buds spiral open to reveal creamy white blooms blushed with tropical tones of coral-orange. Excellent disease-resistant foliage compliments the long pointed buds that open to 4-inch flowers in clusters on this upright grandiflora rose.

From Weeks Roses’ Fragrant Rose Collection we have ‘Sugar Moon’™, an elegant, pure white hybrid tea rose. Intensely sweet citrus blossom and rose fragrance, dark glossy green foliage with very good disease resistance, and large flowers on long cutting stems make this a perfect addition for a cutting garden.

The bright red, white and burgundy flowers of ‘Rock & Roll’™ will add some spice to your rose garden. Its creamy buds open to reveal wild stripes of burgundy, red and white and the strong rose and fruit fragrance will set you back on your heels. With deep glossy green leaves and very good disease resistance, this is a rose you will enjoy for years to come.

The heavy, old-rose fragrance of ‘Melody Parfumée’™ reminds you of a French perfume. Its deep plum colored buds unfurl to richly purple blossoms softening to lavender chiffon. This exceptional rose also boasts dark green, disease-resistant foliage, and clusters of flowers on this grandiflora rose.

A new novelty rose is called ‘Bull’s Eye.’ The white buds of this shrub rose open to reveal a cranberry eye surrounding the yellow stamens in the middle. The 2½ to 3″ flowers have a moderate spicy fragrance and the plants have excellent black spot resistance.

A most unusual new rose is ‘Koko Loko’™. This sweet florabunda rose opens with milky chocolate-colored buds to a creamy, latte-like color and then matures to a soft lavender blossom. This small plant will give you lots of excellent cut flowers.

Of course every rose garden also needs some of the tried and true champions. ‘Mister Lincoln’ is a dark red rose with fragrance, disease-resistance and beauty. ‘Peace’ is a soft yellow to pink rose that has set the standard with its large, full flowers.

‘Tiffany’ is a pure pink rose with a heavy fragrance and beautiful cutting flowers. And ‘Chicago Peace’ has very large, double flowers in a gaudy blend of phlox pink and canary yellow. These heritage roses will add sparkle and charm to any rose garden.

So make room in your garden for some of these beauties, and look forward to the show!

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